Chris Trovador



Chris started his writing career by getting his poetry published
in his high school newspaper. He then transitioned into rap
battling, making music, and was then given an opportunity to
represent Los Angeles City College in a spoken word
competition. Chris began adding humor into his music and
immersed himself into the world of comedy. Six years later, he
earns five scholarships to pursue improvisation and sketch
writing. Chris is currently looking to obtain a creative position
in a progressive and diverse environment, where he can

Education/ Training

Television pilot writing- 2014

The Second City- Kara Lee Burk

director’s program- 2014 - 2015

The Second City- Joshua Funk & Nancy Hayden

Screen writing 101- 2016

Los Angeles City College- Mrs. Piday

Sketch Comedy writing 101- 2017

Upright Citizens Brigade

Improvisation/harold (Finished all levels) - 2017-2019

Upright Citizen’s Brigade

The art of the pause Stand up writing - 2019

Tao Comedy Studio- Bobbie Oliver

writing for television- 2020

Masterclass- Shonda Rhimes

Late Night Writing- 2020

Eddie Feldman & Bernadette Luckette

Television Comedy Writing-2020

Brent Forrester



(2014 to 2015)

Comedic play about Pablo Escobar getting a second chance at life. This show was the first Latinx ensemble to perform at The Second City Hollywood.

Papa Chu Adventures-Short Film


The crazy and random adventures of Papa Chu. Papa Chu, is
an old man from Puerto Rico that always get’s himself into
trouble. (Think Madea and Curb your Enthusiasm).


(2017- 2018)

This is The Second City’s first Latinx premium show. Fourteen
weeks, to collaborate on the different experiences of Latinx
culture. Co-written by Chris Trovador.

House sketch team at the second city

(2018 to 2019)

Every month, our house sketch team has 4 rehearsals to create a brand-new ensemble sketch show from scratch. Collaboration through writing and acting to bring you an hour of original comedy.

Tattoo party - Variety show

(2013 to 2019)

A comedic variety show that combines music, poetry,
dancing, sketch, and lyrical emcees that are inspired by
tattoo culture.

My Way- Comedic Play

(Jan. 2019 to May 2019)

This is a heartwarming story about a Latinx family of a single-
mother and son. Juanny is leaving for college, and Claudia
must go on an adventure through comic books, to love
herself again.

Stand-Up Comedy

(2013 to present)

Jokes center around my 11 years as a professional tattoo artist, being raised by a strong single mother, and the struggles of being Afro-Latino in The United States.