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As an Afro-Latino, Chris Trovador noticed the comedy scene was lacking in diversity and started his journey in 2011, with improvisation. By 2014, he was accepted into the prestigious director's program at The Second City and also became the creator of their first full Latinx ensemble show. Chris soon began performing stand-up at L.A's top clubs, writing, directing, and teaching at places such as The Latinx Theater Alliance, Hughie Stone Fish Studios, The Finest City San Diego, and online courses around the world. Chris has been able to combine painting, music, stand-up, plus sketch comedy in all of his shows while recently performing for the University of Chicago Booth with his solo show "Diarrhea of the Mouth". Chris has been awarded an audio engineering scholarship at the age of seventeen, he is a five-time U.C.B scholarship winner, an N.H.M.C Latinx Showcase actor, three-time NBC/Second City Diversity Festival recipient , received a Latino Media Fest scholarship in 2020, and also has become a finalist for Nosotros monologue slam presented by NBC. Each day, Chris continues to break barriers, through his writing, comedy, and art to help shine light on diverse stories.

"In the begining I was worried. But now I am proud he took such risks in such a difficult industry."


"I know things...       I would tell you if he didn't have it, y Chris lo tienes."


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