As an Afro-Latinx, Chris Trovador noticed the comedy scene was severely lacking in diversity, which drove him into writing stories that reflected his personal experiences. In 2014, he was accepted into the prestigious Second City’s Director’s program and began directing his own theater productions. Chris would soon help create an improvisational group called "Spanglish" that has performed alll over Los Angeles to New York City. This propelled them to produce a show called "Freshcobar", a hilarious and Spanish influenced show that became The Second City's first full Hispanic ensemble to hit their main stage. Currently he is apart of improvisational group called "Spanglish" and an freestyle Hip-Hop group called "Kitchen Closed". Since Chris is also a professional tattoo artist, he has created a unique variety show called "Tattoo Party" that has been going on since 2012. He is also a four time diversity scholarship recipient from The Upright Citizens Brigade. He continues to strive each year with a new set of goals that can help bring a diverse voice to the entertainment industry.

"In the begining I was worried. But now I am proud he took such risks in such a difficult industry."


"I know these things. I would tell you if he didn't have it, y Chris lo tienes."